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Pain Awareness Month 2017

Hello there, my lovelies!

It’s September 1st, and you know what that means — and if you don’t, let me drop some knowledge on you. It’s Pain Awareness Month!


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Via U.S. Pain Foundation

*Sound the trumpets*

Yes, it is the month that those of us with chronic conditions have taken as our own to raise awareness of our maladies. Naturally I won’t be here for the Boston Abilities Expo (gotta celebrate my dad’s birthday!), but there are plenty of things happening this month, and the U.S. Pain Foundation is keeping track of many goings-on, like fundraisers, the 30-day challenge (follow @US_pain on Twitter and @USPainAwarenessMonth on Instagram for this year’s challenge), proclamations, etc. You can even change your profile picture on Facebook to raise awareness, since many of the most common pain conditions are invisible to the eye.

So that’s cool! Keep on the lookout for Pain Awareness Month-related things and see if there is a family member or friend you can help.

Also, side note, I was featured on Dr. Melissa Cady’s “Pain Out Loud” blog, though you need to sign up to watch it (there’s a free membership). The community is pretty great, and she has a series of videos centered around different types of patients. She is known as the Challenge Doctor, and here is her bio:

Melissa Cady, D.O. is an osteopathic physician certified in anesthesiology and pain medicine by the American Board of Anesthesiology. Dr. Cady can relate to her own subject matter, as she has endured and managed her own chronic pain. Her strong desire to overcome it has made her a passionate patient advocate for optimizing health through rational means while minimizing excessive and unnecessary medical interventions.

You can watch it here.



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  1. I think the issues of pain are often oppressed in the world. We as a people should become more sensitive to those in pain.


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