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Hey Guys, Free Stuff! (Maybe!) Pain Awareness Month Giveaway

September is almost over, guys. That means that our month — Pain Awareness Month — is almost over. However, there are still a few things that I want to share with you.

Backer Nation, a website that profiled me recently and is also keeping in line with the American Chronic Pain Association’s mission this month, is doing a giveaway for a gift basket filled with back pain and wellness goodies valued at more than $1,000. They have partnered with companies like Quell and others so they can get the message out for pain patients, using the hashtag #effbackpain for people to share stories and inspire others.

Disclaimer: I’m not getting anything for telling you that. I hope you win the basket!

Funny story, Backer Nation approached me independently of Quell, and then Quell said, “Hey, we’ve been working with Backer Nation and made these graphics for Pain Awareness Month [see below]. Maybe you can share them?” It’s a small world, people.

So the graphics! NeuroMetrix (AKA, the Quell people) have come up with some interesting graphics in tandem with Backer Nation, which I have pasted below for your reading pleasure. You can use this information in arguments with people when you need to lay down the law.

Happy Fall, everyone! Best month of the year!


  1. Ah, man! I think I missed this! I was in the middle of a move, and then I got locked out of my email account (long story short, it was difficult getting my email back).

    Maybe there will be an opportunity next year.


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