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The Arthritis Summit

As some of you know, I am very interested in food. What some of you don’t know is that I’m also interested in arthritis. I have a touch of it myself in the vertebrae that calcified since the car accidents. Most people think that arthritis only occurs in old people, but nope. Arthritis can also ravage younger folks as well. There are even specific types of juvenile arthritis.


Photo by ian dooley on Unsplash

I mean, what is arthritis? “Painful inflammation and stiffness of joints.” Bam. That’s all it is. So why shouldn’t that affect younger people? If you have pain in your hands, feet, hips, back, or shoulders, the following might be something for you to think about watching.

There is an affiliate link here and a banner over to the right if you are interested in a free online summit coming up in October that will provide interesting perspectives on arthritis and the microbiome (basically, they’re going to discuss the gut-brain connection). If you can’t make the free live showing, they have replays that you can get here.

(Re: the affiliate link: I like to keep these things transparent.)

As I said in the beginning, I think what we eat has a profound impact on how we feel, and this summit is going to explore that.

The summit will talk about:

  • Nutritional advice and the microbiome
  • Stress and the inflammation connection
  • Infections and toxins that might be triggering symptoms
  • How to avoid unnecessary medications
  • Supplements and treatments that can be helpful
  • And more!

Plus, the live show is free. It’s October 9-16, 2017, and for more information, visit this website to register.



  1. Man, I so wish I could attend! But life is chaotic and the house I’m living in is closing.

    Out of curiosity, do they do this every year? I’m hopeful, that maybe next year.

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    • I’m pretty sure if you can’t watch the live online videos, they’ll be archived for people who can’t make it. Check out the link — I definitely feel like I remember seeing that. They put on a lot of summits on different topics, so I’m sure they will do it again. 🙂


  2. Cameron says

    I have a pretty intensely long history with chronic low back pain post 2 failed back surgeries, have posterior tibial tendinitis in both ankles, had four unrelated foot surgeries, have arthritis in both hands, have had 2 right knee surgeries and here’s what I have to say about medical marijuana products like this here in some of it is like using whatever over the counter stuff works best for your pain if there is something that does. Some isn’t made with any THC and some is (depends on who is making it). You can get either one. If for any reason you have to drug test don’t do it having had used something with THC in it. Whether it works for one person or not is probably pretty subjective though I have heard a lot of people say it does work for their discomforts. I find it helps my hands/fingers re arthritis. For my low back I often use a Thermacare heatwrap (has magnets) and that seems to help me quite a bit. I don’t think medical marijuana properties or ointment is snake oil tho I would suggest getting it from a reputable collective or person knowledgeable in this industry. Good luck!!!! Whatever helps you to keep moving and stay functional and isn’t creating worse problems for you! Medical marijuana products is pretty benign from what I can tell so if it works for you that’s great!


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