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Guest Post: Bio-Integrative Therapy: Modern Medicine Has a Health Problem

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Full disclosure, readers: This guest post was written by my father, Dr. Jay Kain. He’s starting a new business venture that combines motion capture technology with his proprietary work, Bio-Integrative Therapy, and I am hellishly proud of him. The therapy (speaking from experience here) is very gentle, hands-on manual therapy that works to promote structural harmony within the body. The motion capture work quantifies the immediate results the therapy provides (e.g., you have a terrible golf swing, you get some treatment, and then the mo-cap immediately shows results in increased range of motion. How’s that for fast healing?). He’s finally getting on board with technology, so here’s his foray into the blogging world! He is also on Twitter as @bio_integrative.

Modern medicine has a health problem.

It sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? Western medicine is more advanced than ever before. More importantly, it now defers to Eastern medicine when necessary, like pain management doctors recommending yoga, meditation, acupuncture, and the like. Physical therapists use cupping techniques that were created in China centuries ago.


Not everyone is a fan. (Via Pixabay.)

Cardiologists team up with dietitians so that patients can learn how food itself is medicine. After decades of not letting these methods sit at the cool kids’ lunch table, modern medicine has finally started including holistic practices because it sees the inherent value.

Regardless, there is still a fundamental issue — and everyone who has been a patient in today’s medical system knows what it is.

Say you’re in the garden yanking out weeds. Then it happens: a pop in your lower back that flares along your nerve endings like boiling oil. The weeding comes to an abrupt end, and you spend the rest of the weekend writhing in bed. You go to the doctor on Monday. He diagnoses an acute strain that is putting pressure on your sciatic nerve. He prescribes some pain medication and a muscle relaxer, and you limp along on your way.


Most of the time, your leg feels like it’s trapped in this. (Via Pixabay)

… Except the pain doesn’t get better. You bounce from doctor to doctor, specialist to specialist, trying to figure out why your back is still throbbing and your leg is still on fire. Doctors give you medicine, stretches, inject you with steroids, send you to physical therapy, give you a TENS unit, and on and on… for years. You resign yourself to the fact that this pain is forever.

Question: What is the fundamental problem with the above scenario?

Answer: It is reactionary.

In Eastern medicine, doctors were paid only when the patient was well; if that patient got sick, then that doctor obviously wasn’t doing his job. Western medicine, on the other hand, deals with disease; it waits until the patient is sick or injured, and treats based on the problem at hand. They do this by using the “cut, burn, and poison” approach. Pills are the first line of treatment instead of putting the body back in balance.


Modern medicine is not as concerned with holistic care as it is with making sure you don’t die. (Via Pixabay.)

Granted, for things like OB/GYN, trauma, open wounds, and emergency medicine, Western medicine is the best. I don’t want supplements like Traumeel when I’m bleeding on a gurney. For other illnesses and conditions, however — the chronic conditions, the long-standing problems — Western medicine treats the symptoms and not the cause.

My work — Bio-Integrative Therapy — treats the cause.

There are so many health care practitioners out there promising to heal you, to get rid of your pain, to make you the person you used to be. I’m not promising that. What I can promise is that with my work, you will feel better. We will treat the root cause of your physical problems. What good is it when you fix your leg again and again when the problem is actually in your low back?

If I met with the man who strained himself weeding the garden, I’d do a scan of his body to see where the true problem is hiding. It might be a bulging disc in the lumbar region; it might be from poor posture; it could even be an accumulation of mechanical stress that finally snapped. Whatever it is, I am able to dig under layers and layers of false alarms, pain, and scar tissue to find the true issue.

How do I do this?

My methods are the culmination of decades of work and research, and it pulls in wisdom from several different methodologies. In practice, it is done with my hands and my intention. The patient is only required to lie on a table. I do the rest.

The best part? You can even do it yourself.

This blog is my way of introducing this work to the world. I want everyone to know about it. I want everyone to be able to do it.

And why should you listen to me?

My name is Dr. Jay Kain, and I am the owner of Jay Kain Holistic HealthCare in Great Barrington, Massachusetts.


Jay Kain, PhD

I created BITEC (Bio-Integrative Therapy for Every Competitor) with my colleague, Cindy Powers. Together we are using motion capture software to quantify the results of Bio-Integrative Therapy. BITEC is focused on sports, but the actual technique is able to be used by literally everyone.


I have 35 years of clinical experience. My journey in the healthcare field started out in a traditional manner: I treated symptoms as an athletic trainer. If somebody came in with a sprained ankle, I’d follow the RICE theory that trainers still use today: Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. Get the person functional and get him back to his sport.

Then I started physical therapy and hands-on manual therapy, because I saw that they caused faster, more effective results. This led the way to integrative manual therapy, and from there I began creating my own treatment. My approach has always been to find a better way to help the body balance itself. Remember, the body is the best doctor there is. If you can help it facilitate its own healing, then you’re golden.


This — and every other pair of human hands in the world — is by far the best instrument for healing the human body that I have ever found. And I’ve been practicing for more than 30 years. (Via Pixabay)

I use my hands and experience to coax the body into a better balance. Chiropractors manipulate the spine to gain alignment; I gain alignment in all areas of the body. Connective tissue makes up the ligaments, muscles, the infrastructure of blood vessels, nerves, and bone. I am able to manipulate this connective tissue and let the patient’s body regain alignment. When the body’s balanced, there is no pain or disease.

The techniques I’ve developed let me to facilitate changes in the gentlest way. There’s no snapping or popping or traction or device. I just use my hands. That’s it. Nothing fancy. I’ve taught this work to laypeople as well as professionals. Literally everyone can do it. To be honest, laypeople are sometimes even better at it because they don’t have preconceived notions. It takes a professional background to understand the integration of the bodily systems, but anyone can learn the techniques. And guess what? It works faster than any other therapy I’ve seen or tried.


I can teach you this remarkably simple set of techniques and how it can be applied to any problem in the body. Headache? Migraines? Back ache? Leg sprain? Fibromyalgia? Lupus? Pain from Lyme Disease? It’s all covered. This blog will soon have YouTube videos, links to course work from classes I’ve taught, diagrams, charts, and everything else you need to learn how to become a Bio-Integrative Therapist. There will be video classes that can earn you certification credit. I will make podcasts. I will have live classes all over the country. Most importantly, I will be — and I am — accessible for anybody who needs help.

Healing the body is a business that has become too complicated. There are too many companies with conflicts of interests and too many doctors beholden to insurance requirements. My work will let you feel better — on your own terms.

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