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Small Hurt Versus Big Hurt

I am typing this with nine fingers because I lost a fight with a stick blender today. Why is it that small injuries seem to hurt worse than large ones? I sliced my left index finger in a way that (probably) does not necessitate stitches. I had to take pain killers and vodka — not at the same time — and ice it. It’s still throbbing.

… Thrrrrrrooooooobbbbbbbing.

Immediate pain seems to envelop the mind in a way that chronic pain can’t, since chronic pain is something that one comes to live with and therefore ignores. You adjust as necessary. Your back and neck hurt on a daily basis? Change the way you sit so that you don’t aggravate it. Don’t do too much, keep an eye on it, don’t move your head too quickly, and don’t go pole-vaulting.

"Johnson, I just don't think a Jewett back brace and the Olympics are a good match." (Courtesy photo.)

“Johnson, I just don’t think a cervical fusion and the Olympics are a good match.” (Courtesy photo.)


"This is my life now." (Courtesy photo.)

“I guess this is my life now.” (Courtesy photo.)

On the plus side, this is distracting me from my normal pain! So I’ve got that going for me, which is nice.

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  1. Oh those stick blenders are evil! Evil, I tell you!!
    I once pushed the blade back in – while I had my finger on the ‘on’ button. Ye gods!! It fair made my head swimmy with the pain and the blood and the PAIN!!
    Have a (((hug))) petal because I know the throb of which you speak.
    There is a silver lining though – you can terrorise people by showing them what lies beneath the dressing 😀
    ps – I love your captions on your pictures, they always make me laugh out loud 😀


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