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Contributor: Easy Chronic Pain Remedies That Are Cheap and Effective


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When chronic pain becomes a physical and a mental burden that is hard to overcome, you may be desperate to find a quick solution. What are some remedies to help temporarily ease chronic pain? Read to find out more.

If you are suffering from chronic pain flare, it can be tough to find quick remedies. Most of the time, you want to stay in bed and call it a day. However, life does not always work that way. Sometimes we have to put on our capes and “save the day” despite the aches that run through our bodies. This is where some remedies for chronic pain can be effective. They may not be a permanent solution, but at least they can alleviate some discomfort during pain flares.

Before looking over these remedies, it is important to understand what causes chronic pain for you to make sufficient lifestyle changes. Knowing the underlying cause of your chronic pain can be helpful in finding the best pain management solutions that will give you a better quality of life.

What are the common causes of chronic pain?

Prolonged years of poor posture.

Many patients who suffer from chronic pain have complained about their bones or joints. Sadly, the root cause of these problems may be due to the poor posture that they have sustained over the years.

Poor posture causes the joints to be dislocated, and in some instances, for bones to be bent or weakened. Note though, that as the body undergoes wear and tear, the position it was used to may be hard to re-modify. This is why some rehabilitation strategies such as physical therapy are needed to help manage chronic pain.

Being overweight or obese.

Carrying an excess amount of fat can put a lot of stress on your body’s joints, muscles, and other vital organs. The fat deposits can place extra weight on your knee joints, which may be a common problem for those who are suffering from osteoarthritis. Additionally, ligament pain can also be common for people who gain excess weight rapidly. The muscles also put in extra work when the body is heavy, causing most of your body to feel sore when you are considered overweight or obese.

Previous traumatic injury.

Perhaps you are none of the above, but you may have suffered from a vehicular accident, a fall, or any traumatic injury that the doctor said will take years to recover. Although the body has a natural capacity to heal itself, this may not go as quickly as expected. Thus, a person may continuously suffer from chronic pain even after recovering from the injury.

Nerve damage or affectations.

The nerves of our body contain the receptors that help us recognize pain. Thus, when there are affectations in our nerves, they may send abnormal signals in the brain that could translate as pain. Others would feel numb, or when a nerve is pinched, it may be a source of constant pain.

These are the common reasons, although it may be different in your case. It is important to consult with your doctor regarding the causes and appropriate steps for treatment.

Now that we understood the common causes of chronic pain, what are some general yet effective remedies?

Effective and quick remedies for chronic pain

Exercising regularly.

This may seem counterintuitive because working out may be the last thing you want to do when you’re in pain. However, this remedy is effective because of the chemicals that the brain releases during physical activity. When we work out, the body releases feel-good hormones such as serotonin and endorphins, which are also natural pain-killers.

Carving out at least 20-30 minutes of your day for exercise can be a great way to lessen chronic pain. Although you may feel sore after your workout, you will notice more long-term results when you do it regularly. To avoid further injuries, it is important to do your warm-up and cool-down after each workout. This avoids sudden cramps or soreness during other workout days. This can also loosen up the muscles and joints when you are suffering from chronic pain.

Ask your doctor about fish oil.

Your doctor may prescribe medications to help you manage chronic pain, but you can ask about natural supplements for further help in reducing inflammation.

Fish oil is not only good for the heart, but it can also help reduce inflammation of joints, muscles, and other parts of the body prone to chronic pain. Inflammation plays a big role in how pain occurs and disseminates in the body–the less inflammation, the fewer instances of pain attacks. According to a study, 125 patients reported using less pain medication or quitting entirely after having a 1,200 mg dose of fish oil every day.

Add turmeric in your diet.

You may be well familiar with this yellow root plant that adds a unique taste in your dishes, but turmeric has many health benefits from which chronic pain patients can benefit. Like fish oil, turmeric also has strong anti-inflammatory properties that can help give temporary relief in pain attacks.

According to a study, patients who took 650 mg of turmeric capsules combined with other herbal ingredients experienced a drastic effect in pain relief. If you are reluctant about taking turmeric supplements, you can simply make your own turmeric tea and have it daily as a part of your diet.

Find resveratrol sources.

Although it may sound like a form of synthetic drug, resveratrol is actually a component found in many food sources such as berries, wine, and grapes. Resveratrol is known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, which can be helpful in managing chronic pain.

After many years of research on this substance, resveratrol is discovered to work on a cellular level to normalize pain receptors. Since resveratrol works on a cellular level, it is possible that this “remedy” can be a regenerative and long-term solution for dealing with chronic pain.

There are many available resveratrol supplements, but if you want to take them the natural way, simply increase the intake of organic grapes and berries in your diet. Natural grape juice and occasional intake of wine may be beneficial as well.

Consider holistic remedies.

Remedies effective for chronic pain relief include meditation, heat therapy, and acupuncture. The holistic approach is becoming better known in pain management because it does not produce unwanted side effects that can sometimes be present in synthetic drugs.

Heat therapy can be done at home by taking a warm bath with Epsom salts. Aromatherapy also relaxes the brain and distracts the body from the stress that it experiences because of symptoms of chronic pain. Acupuncture is also believed to have a neurological effect that balances the body, relieving patients of chronic pain.

When considering holistic remedies, it is important to do your research and know which ones work the best for you. Also, consult your doctor regarding contraindications with the pain management treatments you are taking and if your plan is safe for your condition.

Less pain is just a remedy away

When it comes to managing chronic pain, creativity and research go a long way. Consider these quick and easy solutions, and you may just have your go-to remedy in times where pain attacks can be unbearable.

patrick profile.jpgPatrick Bailey is a professional writer mainly in the fields of mental health, addiction, and living in recovery. He attempts to stay on top of the latest news in the addiction and the mental health world and enjoy writing about these topics to break the stigma associated with them. Patrick is currently a writer for Mountain Springs Recovery as well as on his own blog.


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  2. Thank you for the information .
    I have had lowerback pain after my car accident 2 years ago and I have been to almost every
    doctor of physical therapy nanuet ny.
    My current doctor who I started
    to see 4 months ago. He has given me medications and treatments
    but also some physical exercises, which have help me alot in these 4 months.
    I just hope the pain could completely go away.


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