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The Pulse: Are Good Care and Compassion Lost in Efforts to Curb Opioid Prescriptions?

ser-en-dip-it-y (n) (2)

The title asks a great question. The Pulse of WHYY Radio asked that question of me in a podcast, and here is what I said! They also included the counter-perspective of a physician and health consultant, which I think was a great way to balance the conversation. Go listen to the melodious sound of my voice! It’ll air live next Friday at 9 am (I think), so if you’re in the Philadelphia/Delaware/Southern Jersey area, turn on that radio and tune in!


Thank God they put the pictures next to each other so people can see that I don’t always look like a bridge troll.

Link again to the podcast: click here!


  1. Tom says

    Hi Jen, today I made my monthly pilgrimage to the pain doc, my donation of a urine sample was given and I was rewarded with another prescription for my pain meds. Now I have a month to wonder if the doc will throw me to the curb next month. Or mister do-gooder politician will legislate me to the curb. Wow what a wonderful life.

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  2. Joseph Sullivan says

    Hello Jen! I heard you on “The Pulse” this afternoon and your comments caught my attention when you mentioned Tramadol. I have Psoriatic Arthritis and take one or two of these Tramadol tablets daily for neck pain. My major area of pain is in my neck and shoulders. Can people really get “high” taking Tramadol? My concern is that “they” are going to limit my access to a medication that helps me bear my stiffness, soreness, and pain. I agree with your opinions as expressed in your Pulse interview. Thanks for expressing your views so clearly.


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