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How to begin yoga when you have chronic pain

Yoga for pain!! I wish I was near Australia.

Finding Yoga

YBeginners yoga class too muchou may have heard that yoga is good for persistent pain. An appropriate class and teacher can certainly help you manage your pain by teaching you to relax, participate in exercise, and increase body awareness.

But many people with chronic pain find that even beginners classes are too much for them.  They say they tend to feel frustrated when they can’t keep up with others in the class.  Here are some guidelines for approaching your first yoga class when you experience chronic pain.

Find a yoga teacher who specialises in pain
There are many styles of yoga and many yoga teachers, each with a unique approach. Find a teacher who understands your condition and offers a gentle, graded approach to learning.  

Book a private class before joining the group
In a group class the teacher may be looking after eight or more students.  If you have special requirements, are particularly challenged with movement, or nervous…

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  1. Such a delight to see this re-blogged – thanks Jen! We’ve been getting so many requests for Yoga for Pain around Australia that we’re beginning teacher training in a couple of months, which is super exciting.

    Have you seen that Yoga for Pain is also offered online? Initially a way to reach people in regional areas with limited access to services but for those who live much, much further away this could be a great alternative to being there in person. (http://findingyoga.com.au/yoga-for-pain-online/)


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