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Washington Post: The Other Opioid Crisis

I just stumbled across a great piece in the Washington Post by a former hospice nurse. We’ve heard this story before (“the opioid crisis is harming pain patients”), but it needs to be told again, louder and louder, in bigger and bigger outlets, until we are heard and understood.

How many more patients will commit suicide before this problem is addressed?


  1. Mizztab says

    This patient is seriously considering suicide. I can’t find any doctor that has an interest in helping find out what is wrong even though I can’t move my foot, have constant pain, places were I can’t feel, places where anything touching it is painful down my left leg. I also have fibromyalgia plus other conditions leaving me bed bound at present. The final straw is now I am soiling myself as I can’t tell when I need to go. Bed bound in diapers but my barely adequate medication was reduced because of the CDC. I did have a few hours of 8 level pain down to 6 now it is 8 level down to maybe 7 on a good day so why go on? If I had adequate opioid pain medication I could function and have a life. As it is this is worse than death.


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