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Got questions? Want answers? Wanna chat? Desperate to unload heaps of mental anguish upon someone who listens pretty well? I’m not a psychiatrist. I went to law school and now I edit things. But hey, everybody needs a friend! Send an email or leave a comment; I will do my best to answer and/or chat in a reasonably timely fashion!



  1. Crista says

    I used the device for a couple days and then could t walk. My calves were so tight. I’m scared to use it now. Did I just do it too strong?


    • Oh honey! I’m so sorry! I assume you’re talking about the Quell, and that definitely shouldn’t happen. How did you calibrate it? You should juuuuuuust barely feel it. More of a background thing than a normal TENS, where you would turn it up pretty high. Maybe try recalibrating it? You should also reach out to the Quell help team. They’re super nice, and they’ve helped me when I couldn’t figure out what was going on with the device. Please let me know what happens, whatever you decide to do!


  2. I am a 74 year old white male, my maladies include: Non Hodgkin’s lymphoma, kidney
    failure, multiple cervical and lower back pain sources . I have been on various pain relievers for years, and have been told that I am opioid tolerant.
    I have several questions, will trying Quell be affected by my existing situations. ? pain from my several sources, is constant, and severe. I have been seen and evaluated
    by 25 specialists in all specialties.whose only suggestion is pain killers, fentynil,hydro
    morphine, etc.q

    I apologize for laying this impossible case on you, not fair.
    I hm in high spirits, upbeat and happy. I have had a wonderful life, and GOD has blessed
    me beyond any reasonable expectations,
    If I can find anything that will help I’ll try it , but can handle either case.
    Thank you, may GOD bless you, Regards, Larry Larkin

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    • Hi Larry — I am so, so sorry for your pain, I can’t even imagine that many sources causing so many problems. Quell would work for your cervical and lower back pain, for sure. The others, I have no idea. But I myself have cervical and lumbar issues — the Quell works best on the low-back, and it helps the cervical to a lesser degree. In terms of a pain scale, it gets me from a 9 to about a 6, which makes a huge difference (as you know). I know you can give it a try with their trial period (60 days, I think?), and their customer service team is super helpful. The Quell works on a different system then your medications do, though I am honestly not sure if the pain from the Hodgkins and kidneys would overwhelm it. I’d give it a shot if I were you, though! Please let me know what you decide to do!


  3. Katharine L says

    HI Jennifer! I came across your blog while searching for Quell reviews. This led me to your “About” section. While describing your wonderful hubby and great life (aside from chronic pain) I felt like you were describing my own thoughts! I am also 27 years old, just finished a master’s degree program in human resource management, have a solid job, incredible husband, nice house (perfect for filling with babies), and wonderful friends. BUT horrendous chronic pain from a car accident 3 years ago gets in the way of enjoying ALL of that. Even had some nerves burned 2 months ago (no luck in relieving pain). Bought the Quell today while browsing the supplement section at Target (wanted to fill up on all “natural” anti-infammatory and joint strengthening supplements)- trying every route possible. Hoping it helps relieve some of the shoulder, neck, and head pain!! My question to you- has the Quell affected areas in your head or neck? If so, how long after you take off the Quell does pain come back? I’m still trying to figure this whole thing out 🙂 THANK YOU!!

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    • I realize this is months later and that I’m a terrible person for not replying sooner, and I am SO, SO SORRY for not responding back in October. I did one of those things where I read your wonderful message, was like, “Oh, man, I have to go do something, but I’ll totally respond when I get back!” And of course that totally didn’t happen. I apologize for being a horrible person. Upon rereading this, I can’t believe how similar we are! I’m hoping that the time in between your message and now has allowed you to try out the Quell, because I still use it myself. It helps my neck and head, but not as much as my back. It’s kind of like the farther away it gets from the calf, the weaker it gets in efficacy. That or it’s just not as strong on neck and head issues or something… Though I do feel like it helps them more than if I’m not wearing it. When I take off the Quell, my pain returns without about 20ish minutes. Conversely, when I put it on, the pain is dampened within about 15. Some people actually have no pain whatsoever when they wear it. I met a bunch of wearers last week (post to come, there was an official meet & greet at Quell headquarters for local users) and some literally had no pain, even though they’d had horrific accidents and injuries. My pain gets turned down like, 40ish percent on a good day. Which is huge! I’ll take anything at this point. So when I join that with pills and other treatments, I’m pretty solid. Anyway, I think that answers everything in your message — sorry again for being an absolute space cadet and not writing back for ages! ❤


  4. Mimi says

    Hi Jennifer, Love your helpful blog! I have fibro and arthritis with daily pain and wanted to let you know about a new med my Dr. has me on that has really helped. Have you heard of low dose naltrexone? I am on 3mg daily and my daily pain has decreased and I am having fewer flares. You do have to get this from a compounding pharmacy and I don’t think alot of doctors are aware of it but I lucked out with a new dr. I started seeing earlier this year. Just look up ldn for fibromyalgia for more info if interested. I still have some pretty awful days but am having more good days than I usually do which I am so grateful for. Wish you and your followers all the best. It helps to know there are people who understand my daily pain struggles.

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    • Hi Mimi! I’ve never heard of naltrexone. My doctor is scared to prescribe anything stronger than Tramadol or Nucynta these days, is it stronger than that? Is it topical or oral? I’m always curious about other people’s experiences. I’ve used compounding pharmacies before for topical things…


  5. Mimi says

    Hi Jennifer, It is in pill(capsule) form that I take once a day. It is such a low dose and not strong at all. Apparently higher doses have no effect on pain, only helpful at the low dose. I have absolutely no side effects which is so rare for me. I was hesitant about starting something new because my body is so sensitive to meds and I seem to always get the worst of the side effects. My doctor’s office has it’s own compounding pharmacy so super convenient. Hope this info helps!


  6. Michele Richert says

    Jennifer, thank you for the quell review and one year later update on Facebook. I have fibromyalgia with body wide pain and 3 ruptured disks in my lumbar region with some nerve damage to my sciatic nerve. I ordered the quell unit. It has cut my pain by over 50% and I no longer have to take prescription painkillers. I still have pain, and some days are better than others but I am functioning. I feel well enough most days to walk and move and work on healthy eating. I never would have tried quell if I hadn’t seen your blog product reviews. Thank you so much! Sincerely, Michele Richert, Orlando, FL

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    • Michele, I am so, so happy you found my blog, and I am so happy that you have found some relief! I totally understand how some days can be better than others (rainy days, humid days [especially in Orlando!], weird days, days you wake up strange, etc.), but at least you’re at a point where you can springboard off into working on your body. I’m so happy and proud of you. Please keep me updated on your progress!! ❤


  7. Linda Pyette says

    Your an amazing person,what you have been through and continue to deal with!
    I had a very tough week, the the pain management clinic at Benefis dropped me as a patient. I have been on pain medication for about two years!Will be many long days and nights ahead! What a quack!!!!!


    • Do you mean like, the device won’t power on even if you charge it? I’m fairly positive the company replaces defective devices when the battery doesn’t work. They did that for me once. 🙂


  8. Michele Richert says

    My device did that after I had it a year and a half. (I wear it 24/7 unless it is charging). I called the helpline and they sent me a replacement a day later. Customer support is great!


  9. Emily Grace says

    Dear Jennifer Kain Kilgore,

    I really enjoyed & learned many things from your post about Chronic Pain. I’m a recent medical graduate, So I can definitely relate to the knowledge you have shared in your blog. It is so important to have a healthy mind & body. I am ready to bring changes in my life as per the points you mentioned.

    I also work with 2 to 3 NGO’s regarding medical publications and content mining . Since your blog has used guest posts before, I was hoping that you might let us create a guest post for you. May I send a couple of relevant topic ideas for your consideration?

    I am happy to answer any questions that you have, so please feel free to contact me. I look forward to hearing back from you.



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