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Hello! Welcome to Wear, Tear, & Care, a blog about chronic pain and related health conditions that is illustrated by my own whacky adventures in the health care system. WT&C is also an avid follower of the Oxford Comma.

So, just to get this out there: I do not offer medical advice. I don’t presume to be anything but a juris doctor. I do not play a medical professional on television. However, I am always glad to point you in the direction of those people!

(As in the doctors. Not television actors. … I mean, I could try to find some of those for you.)

Anyway — welcome. I am sorry that you have cause to find this website, but I hope I can at least make you laugh a little bit. Remember that this is temporary. Everything — you, me, and even your pain — is temporary. Most important of all: You are not your pain. 

Know that you are whole. You are a worthy person. You are loved. And you are always welcome here, though I hope not to see you for very long!