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shit healthy people say

“Pills & Pebbles @pillsandpebbles: Why does society see us sick people as burdens? Everyone needs help sometimes. Some of us just need more help than others. #chroniclife

Kit @arainbowatnight @pillsandpebbles We live in a time where society desperately tries to push away disease & death instead of accepting them as part of life.”

Brain Storm

shit healthy people say

Lucky you, getting to take an extra long weekend.

Your’e so lucky you don’t have to stay late tonight.

Must be nice to take time off.

I wish I had an excuse to get out of that thing too.

Okay, wanna trade places? You can have a chronic pain condition and I can have the ability to work full time and commit to a calendar full of social engagements? Yah?

I’ve encountered these kinds of phrases infrequently, and when they are blurted at me, it’s usually by people with whom I am not close, who don’t know much about my situation except that I can only work part time due to migraine. Most of the time, these passing comments probably have very little –if anything– to do with me, having much more to do with the simple fact that the comment blurter is tired and badly needs a break from work-till-you-drop demands.

I can empathize here…

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