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Pilates and Yoga for People with Fused Spines

She speaks my language!


Five/six years ago, I had spinal fusion surgery to correct my Scoliosis. Since then, I have been taking part in Pilates classes at my local gym and I find that the exercises really help my movement and flexibility.

Four months ago, I had all the metal hardware removed from my body, due to an allergy I had against the metal and I recently started Pilates classes again, as well as swimming, to help ease my pain. I really recommend Pilates and swimming for those of you with Scoliosis, spinal fusions or chronic back pain. The exercises really help me and I’ve heard they help a lot of other people too. Obviously check with your doctor first to ensure that you can take part in these activities.

If you can’t get to or afford to go to classes or a swimming pool then you may want to try out these Yoga…

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