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I Forgot How to Feel Better.

I Forgot How To Feel Better

“Normal people cry and scream, and then they feel better. I never feel better. I forgot how to feel better.” —Deadpool.

Sometimes you feel like you have nothing to write about, nothing to say. Then you start trolling and find the perfect words coming from the mouth of a psychotic comic antihero unable to die because of a super healing factor and the curse of never-ending life, and who also has tumors covering his entire body. Seriously, he dates Death, and they are the ultimate star-crossed lovers.

(Side note: I once saw the most beautifully simple image on — naturally — I saved it, though upon reexamination it looks like the author has deleted it. I had to find the original. It’s a picture of life personified on one side of the screen, death on the other, both standing against a blue-to black sky backdrop. “Life and Death have been in love for longer than we have words to describe. Life sends countless gifts to Death…” She gently sets a turtle upon its inevitable path. Death opens wide his arms. “…and Death keeps them forever.”)

Another key part of this healing process of mine, I’ve come to realize, is learning how to feel better. Deadpool is trapped in physical and mental stasis because he is unable to transfer from that state. I might have the ability to change. Even if I can’t change my physical body (like Deadpool), I can at least change how I react to a given situation. That whole “Let me accept the things I cannot change” crap. I don’t like what I am at the moment, but I can accept what I am. From there I can learn how to feel better despite that seemingly irrevocable state of being.


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